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UNIQUEPixx About Us
UNIQUEPixx About Us
UNIQUEPixx About Us
UNIQUEPixx About Us


Our Late Father / Father-in-Law has always been our inspiration for starting up our own business. He always said, "One day, I want my Children to become their own Bosses and not continue working for others like how I did all my life".


His words lit a fire in us and has gotten us to where we are now. We learnt how to be well prepared and started in advance all our business preparations because of him and his guidance. He led us to research a lot about our ideas before implementing or practicing anything. He was like a pillar of strength to us. Always motivating and giving us pep talks to inspire us to do better. He always gave his unique views and ideas through his vast life experiences to us. We won't be where we are without him.


Matthew is our Mentor for photography while we were in Singapore. He is smart, experienced, and always had our best interests at heart. He found it a joy to teach and share his knowledge with others. He was never calculative about time and would always teach us way past the allocated time. And always went the extra mile for us.


We are very grateful for having him as our Mentor. He had three really important qualities in him that made him stand out. He always listens well and asks us a lot of questions to find out about what we need to learn. One of his major attribute is also that he guides us instead of doing it for us. And lastly, his focus is on action instead of just all talk and no action. He is someone who we will never forget in our lives.


I am Karthik, a Photographer. I used to be an Engineer, working a desk job but I chose to break free from the chains of working for someone else and decided to work for myself.


Over the years, that I have been freelancing as a photographer I have had plenty of wonderful clients who gave me the opportunities to capture their special moments in stills. This means a lot to me and each client’s work challenges me to bring out my very best work. I also always try my best to make things fun and casual for both my clients and myself during shoots.


The uniqueness in my photos will be the fact that, I always apply new themes, concepts and innovative ideas to them. This makes my photos stand out from the rest. So I urge you to meet me and create your moments in time that you will never forget.


“As a photographer, to be in the limelight you have to fall in love with the lights”


From childhood I have always loved photographs and enjoyed doing something or the other using them for gifts. I like to go through old photographs and recall all the memories from them. When I gift something that is made from photographs e.g. Albums, Photobooks, Collages, Calendars, Puzzles, Photomugs I feel that we can touch the hearts of the person other than just buying something for them.


"I love photos because the best thing about it is that it never changes even when the person in it does."

- this is a quote which I really like very much.


It helps us keep in our memory and our hearts the people we have lost physically from earth or just emotionally due to personal problems. This made our business venture very close to my heart. Come and create your memories with us and they will last long.

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